Thursday, 7 June 2012

Letters from my heart: Words from my heart

I was only 17 still in eleventh grade, still discovering the reality of this world. You tried to win my heart but my heart and my soul were pointing to a different direction. Sorry you fell in love with me, but i never took noticed or given you a serious exception about it, and the suffering you went through trying to show me the meaning of love. The truth is my heart belong to someone else, but i dont want you to go through trauma because of many rejections you will get from me. If love was to be bought by the riches and wealth of this world you would have own me without any difficulty. You should never under estimate the power of destiny because the love and feelings we have can turn bitter only because we made the wrong choices. Dont be stressed or feel rejected because i have not allowed you into my life and my world. Am writing for you this letter because i know that you are someone special and if i have to choose a friend out of a billion people i would choose someone like you. Remember that there is a fragile heart and lonely soul out there crying and waiting for your love the only thing left for you to do is to be patient. Am only trying to save ourself from the guilts that will inflict us in the feature if we dare take this unplanned journey that will only take us straight to hell. The beauty that you see infront of you is not enough proof of real love, we have only known each other for a short time and the love you want from me is for a lifetime,lol!!! ''impossible''. The right time will come when you will not run after love instead love will run after you. Dont fill your heart with hatred because of the truth i have told you, you are still welcomed in my life anytime you need a friend to talk to. Just know that love will never end as long as we wait for the the right time. Love is so mysterious and it has many faces, sometimes it is clouded by happiness sometimes by anger. I dont have much to say for now but what i want you to remember is that dont let your heart forget its source because that is where true love exist.

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