Thursday, 27 June 2013


life is so cold and lonely without you mama why did you depart so soon like that why did you leave us with tears in our eyes life to me is worthless without you........ i know you are some where safe with the lord where there is no pain pain or suffering where there is no sickness to kill you but please mama dont forget about us there.. please prepare a place for us to come and stay with you someday i wont forget your teachings.. your corrections... your blessings some we could not realise until you were gone you left something so important in us.... something that is so priceless something that is sooo unique to us you left LOVE,UNITY, among us.... and through that i promise you mama that we will always remain united and strong through the difficult journey we are going to face without you by our side because you taught us to be strong and always bealive in the LORD no matter the obstacles in our way... no matter the pain that will come while on this tire less journey when you left us mama on that sad evening.. i cried and swore that my life would never be the same again but i saw you sleeping peacefully and smiling thats when i realise that you are happy where you have gone peace came inside me and i felt your presense close to me, comforting my soul and wiping every tear that i shade yes mama sometimes i feel gulty for not doing enough to made sure that you were taken to the best hospital in the world i felt guilty that i didnt have money to do that for you mama.. am sorry i was surprise mama that everyone who run away while you were sick all of them came back when they had that you were dead... just imagine mama.. this world is full of crazy happening mama.... even they were willing to raise alot of money just to send you away peacefully.... but they could not even raise one shilling to take you to hospital but mama i forgive them for what they did only GOD will judge them cause that is what you taught me mama. to forgive my enemies and those who have done me wrong mama while you are reading this letter remember that we miss you so much everyday and if we had the power to bring you back mama.. i swear i would have done that long time ago but we have no choice but to except GODS plans.... because his plans are the best dont forget mama to say hi to GOD and tell him that we love him so much and we cant wait to come to heaven and see him bye mama

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