Thursday, 1 March 2012

are we still the same

this world is made up of two people,not a billion or a trillion people in order to help,cherish,understand,support,care and  love one another.But not to hate,envy,punish,abandoned our self. God had a purpose why He gave us the most beautiful gift,when he removed apart of man and created Wo-man. Someone who would be there with us,support us.But we have turned against one another as if we are completely different people yet  we are from the same FATHER.Where is that connection that God tired between us?Did we cut it or is it invisible that we cant notice its there. Are we still the same ancestors of ADAM    EVE   ABEL  CAIN  ABRAHAM  IZZACK  JACOB. lets stop and think before we completely wiped out the love that God gave us when he created us

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