Sunday, 26 February 2012

what went wrong?

I thought  you were my best pal for life, i admire the way you smiled with me,telling stories that were amusing. without knowing that one day you would turn against me and destroy my life, my friendship and most of all my dignity to you. i gave you my honesty,my friendly love,my trust, knowing that i would never lose you but you came and turned all this into hatred,greediness,jealousy. I thought i was dreaming when you left my site without any explanation,but i had to slap myself because i was going crazy without the best pal i had ever known. Questions came lingering in my mind,what did i do wrong to deserve this? did i miss something before i met my Ex best pal. But i know that memories will never grow old as long as we are apart. But if destiny gives us a second chance i would not hesitate to grab it.

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