Saturday, 31 March 2012

where are you old me

I still wonder where you are my old me, i cant forget those days when the world was still young in our eyes, when we were discovering new things in life, when the world was revolving around us. Those days when there was no defination of LOVE< FRIENDSHIP<HATETRADE, everything was the same, but sadly those days are long gone, it has remained memories painted in our minds. now we are different people living in the same world but a changed world. why did we part ways?when we promised each other we would never separate!!!!!??? I am afraid of this world without you. You have disappeared though the world seem so small, i have traveled in every corner of this world hoping that you are still alive old me.But my hopes of finding the traces of you bore no fruits.Where are you hiding? will i ever find you/ and if i do will you remember your old me. Am cold and lonely without you, this world is a stranger to me now. I dont trust anyone because i feel unsafe without you.I know that i should not give up for you but wait for the right time that you will show up. But i feel so impatient to do that. where are you old me

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