Monday, 2 April 2012

true gift from above

many miles we have travelled not knowing that one day we would reach the furthest point of life. We have toiled, fell, and almost gave up while on this journey,hoping that one day this tireless, unmercyless journey would come to an end. sometime i shed tears when i looked behind the footsteps that marks the greatest friendship we had and still exist. it brings shiver and cold all over me that one day we will live to forget where we came from. But hope is what i have that memories we have will never grow old as long we are alive. If had ever wronged you please soften your heart for me because life is too short.i had dream that you disappeared completely in my life, i called out your name but there was no response , i woke up sweating furiously knowing that i have lost you.OOPs!!! it was just a dream! just a dream, but i learned a big lesson, friends are a blessing from GOD and i would do anything to protect the gift that GOD granted me.

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