Monday, 30 July 2012

Am still alive but am barely breathing, am praying to a God that i barely bealive in. What can i do to make it through? I need freedom from the chains that have inprisoned my heart and soul. Am in a twilight zone where there is no existance of life but only pain,cold and torment, only in my imagination that i can truly feel my real life. In a blink of an eye everything that i cherish slowly disappearing from my site. Am powerless to hold them in my arms tightly, please bring me back to life, wake me up from this dream because am falling two thousand feet under knowing that i will never come back from this deep slamber. I see a distance light but i can't reach it in time. But the distance beat of my heart that beats endlessly creating a tune of salvation and freedom, gives me courage to fight my fears and defeat them. I want to break and free myself but my fears wont allow me. I want to fight but am to weak to fight my fears, am freezing, the colds have invaded my body killing me slowly. But i know help is on the way someone will save me from this endless dream yes i can feel it. I cant back down i have to fight this torments, i have to free myself from this chains. The beat of my heart rhyme endlessly, then suddenly i woke up realising that it was only a dream.

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