Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Life is like a journey which at many times the trevellers go through alot of challenges on the way. And there are quite a number of these challenges, but most of us have failed to understand that all this challenges are ment to strengthen us and keep us on the right track to continue with this journey. I know that sometimes we think that life is too harsh, life is like a beast that only consume the weak and poor physicaly. But that is not true! It is our way of thinking and judging life negatively thats why we end up giving up and we dont achieve what we seek. And one thing we have to know is that, there isn't a good road to prosperity, the path towards success is always rough and this is the only way we will persive life differently. Just the other day i visited this hospital,actualy i was feeling rather sickly and i wanted the doctor to check me. But when i arrived at the hospital and saw how the situation was . I was really ashame of myself even i was afraid to see the doctor. People are really struggling and are desprate and thirsty for life, i mean i saw really sick people in there. So guys let us not ignore the good life that we have even though we are poor or rich, as long as you can wake up every morning without any problem.

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