Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Footsteps of life: (dedicated to the weak hearted)

My eyes glance around trying to make very discreet questions. Infront of me i saw footsteps they were so strange, is like this footsteps were trying to depict an image of life that was chained in a cave. Before long i was stunt to see a shadow deep in the forest under the rays of the moon and the stars. My heart almost came to a stand still, my voice was voiceless. With fear cripping all over me i wanted to run away but could not do it. The sky was so noiseless, darkness illuminated all over me, the night crawlers were so busy searching for their end bread. As i was about to walk away i had a trembling sound calling from behind, when l looked back i saw her crying telling me not to run away but to stay with her. The strength that was gone was coming back replacing all the fears that i had. We sat down as our eyes trying to connect. She was so angelic but very sad. The clear night sky and the creatures under the moon and stars were patiently waiting for me to make a move. '' who are you''? I asked with a stammering voice!!! There was a still silence then a soft voice replied......''am an innocent girl who has been consumed by this world, in the eyes of men am a strange creature who has been despised and rejected because they see me as an outsider. But inside there exist a beautiful soul which is seeking for salvation and freedom. Am lonely and sad know one is willing and able to talk to me or even sit close to me because they fear me, yet i was born by men , raised by men and chased away by men and now am being rejected by men. What you see around me is my family for now. Sometime i asked myself why me out of a billion people? Why it had to happen to me. I dont regret being like this because i know it was not my choice to be born like this and i know i can never go back and correct every mistake in my life. Sometimes my heart trembles with fear when i see how the world is crumbling down infront of the greatest leaders, wise men, very educated people. It is not about being naive but we have ignored the love between us, we hate each other and thats why the next generation will be extinct and never be heard no more. Sometimes i feel that this world is so unfair to all of us favouring only the cruel and heartless people. But what i do understand is that we are the one making this world to be unfair for us simply because we are not patient enough to wait for the better feature that is still being prepared for us, thats why our fragile hearts are being broken into tiny pieces like shattered glass. Because we are not ready to endure the pain and suffering we are going through. Every day i wake up the world to me is the same but my soul is mutating and its becoming more powerful. But i must wait and be patient because my time is not yet ready to rise again and face the world head on without fear''. '' l listened to everyword she was telling me and i felt guilty for allowing myself to be deceaved by this world. She opened my eyes and allowing me to see the possibilities of life, i left there knowing very well that the footsteps we leave behind marks the greatest memories in life.

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