Saturday, 6 July 2013


yesterday is gone tomorrow is a mystery for me life seems unbearable and hard to understand everything to me is the same as i sit here in the cold winter night my heart is bleeding with pain thinking that you are not here close to me my soul is empty without you by my side do you remember the promises we made to each other the strong feelings we had the love we cherished so much i wonder where it had disappeared to though sometime i feel broken inside knowing that you are not here with me that u have disappeared where are you my love why did you just go without any explanation as to why you run away did you know that you would break my heart maybe i made a mistake giving you all my love and being left with nothing to make me smile and remove this sadness that is killing me day night because of your absence i know we had some problems that we swore it would never break us a part that we would always endure any kind of situation that may come on our way whether bad or worse bad why did you gave up so easily why did you let your emotion break you away from i thought you were a strong person who was ready to endure anything that may come on his way why didn't just listen to me anyway ma love i just want to apologize if i was the course of all this problems if never gave you a chance to love me more if maybe i was never there for you if you are reading this know that you are still in my soul a special place that i made for you only that i would wish one day you come back to me and let our love be given a second chance

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