Thursday, 4 July 2013


sitting alone in the cold winter night..... life to me is the same, the painful memories that haunt me day and night tearing through my soul like two double edge sword sometimes memories are to painful to remember especially if your past was damn mistakes that overwhelmed it.... it makes your heart bleed knowing that your will never go back and correct everything that you did while you were still young...... it gives constant nightmares and sleepless nights.. u keep on thinking how u are going to change your life from worst to better and erase every bad situation that happened in your past life... every stupid mistake you made while you were still naive and a toddler to reason well... but for me i see that is part of life and we have to go through it no matter whether we like it or not.... because if never made mistake or did something wrong in our past then we don't have anyt5hing to talk about at all and also we have to realize that this mistakes are a lesson we must learn through out our constant life. so that we can never allow it to haunt or follow us in the feature

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